Aug 29 2009

Stockholm Triathlon 2009

My Tri club organised a race in August, this is the second time. It’s a city circuit in Stockholm, passing some nice, scenic, parts of town. Olympic distance, and various shorter sprints.

I decided to try make something out of the bike part. I started at the south ramp of Västerbron, where there is a short but rather steep hill that resulted in good photos last year. But they had changed the layout of the spectator area from last year, so there was no good angles to take pictures. So I decided to try outside Grand Hotell since there are some 90 degree turns.

With the low sun it came out fairly good. Unfortunately I missed the elite riders while looking for a good photo spot. I have to start earlier next year!


More photos here!

Sep 25 2008

Kayaking in Stockholm’s Ström

Stockholm’s Ström is a really nice place for white water kayaking. The piece of water connects Lake Mälaren with the Baltic. The water flow is regulated, and the conditions is regulated by how much water is let through.  In the pictures the gate is set at about 1m below the Lake Mälaren water level, giving a flow of 100 m3ps, and forming a wave train that is surfable.

I experimented with slow shutter times to get a feeling of a flowing mass of water. Works OK here since the kayaks are semi-stationary surfing the wave. The image stabilization on the lens helped a lot to get the non-moving parts (relatively) sharp.


More photos here.